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Oil Change & Lube Services in Bayfield, CO

oil change services in bayfield, co


Regardless of what kind of vehicle you drive, at some point it will need an oil change and lube service. When that time comes, Performance Automotive Repair in Bayfield, CO is the logical choice as our family-owned business employs a top-shelf collection of employees who all embody our promise to deliver excellent service while treating your car like it is our own. While there are other auto shops that offer oil changes and lube services, we genuinely care about offering premium service and building trust with our customers.

While changing the oil in your vehicle may seem like a mundane task, it is essential when it comes to the proper functioning of your vehicle’s engine and is something that should be handled and monitored professionally. When you choose the same shop for your oil changes and lube services, you give our techs the chance to get to know you and your vehicle, which helps us identify when something appears off down the line. Motor oil has one big job: to properly lubricate the engine, reducing friction on moving parts and preventing rust, corrosion, noise, contaminants, and component wear and tear.

Old oil is lethal to an engine and will quickly do a large amount of damage if ignored. Our oil change process helps ensure your vehicle stays in its peak condition. As part of an oil change and lube service, we change the oil filter, remove dirty oil, refill the oil reservoir with clean, high-performance oil, and send you on your way. We also check your fluids and inspect your engine to ensure that everything else on your car looks good.

At Performance Automotive Repair we service Bayfield and all of La Plata County and our goal is to keep you on the road, and we take that promise to our customers seriously.

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